It will be held in three days of Saturday, Sunday, and a month, including the Sports Day of October each year.
On the first day, in Kokusai Street is located in the heart of Naha, “Citizen entertainment, folk traditional arts parade” by various circle and regional organizations and traditional arts Preservation Society is held, approximately 50 organizations are engaged in a brilliant dance performance.
On the second day, parade the international Road heroic standard-bearer matrix, the world of Charter minced who received the Guinness certification will be carried out in grand around the Route 58 Kumoji intersection.
Among the standard-bearer dances, age, gender, people tens of thousands, regardless of nationality is such that attract the rope together is truly a masterpiece.
Also, is done “RBC citizen Festival” is through the three days in Onoyama park, including fireworks, such as karaoke Grand Prix became the stage live and in previous years the annual, we have held a variety of events.
During this period, the case of coming to Okinawa, please carry foot by all means to the venue.